Penallt Tennis Junior Tournament 2019

The juniors had a very hot morning for their tournaments so frequent water breaks were needed.

The first two groups showed off their tennis skills doing tennis related activities including forehands and backhands.

Playing in the first group were Oliver Lee, Megan Adams, Samuel White, George Turner and Lukas Hicks.
The second group also added rallies to their tennis skills. The players were Olivia Mc Cleary, Hattie Ryder, Emma Nicholls, Emily Sanger and Lily Peters.

The eldest group had a round-robin American style tournament with each youngster partnering and playing against everyone else.

The players were Kit Newland, Fran Lucas, Zach Mason, Lana Price, Rufus Payne, Isabel Coutts, Dylan Van Wyk, Coco Payne and Drew White.

After many excellent rallies and five hot rounds, the final scores were added up.

Rufus Payne finished first and won the cup. Lana Price and Kit Newland both finished one game behind so we had two runners up and the others were all very close behind.